Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Flex TimeStepper Component

Flex has a couple of controls for entering/editing dates, but nothing for time values. I've needed such for a couple of projects in the past and have come across a few after doing a search. Problem is, none of them were exactly what I was looking for.

One of them didn't allow switching between 12 hr and 24 hr time formats, a couple were a bit buggy, and none of them felt very polished in that they didn't match the look & feel of the other SDK components (and were a bit lacking in styling support), had weird focus behavior, and didn't fully support tabbing and keyboard integration among other things.

So I made my own.

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Source code located at:


  1. cool cannot wait for the source code. Sebastian

  2. Very nice - even responds to arrow keys. I had previously used the Yahoo TimeStepper on a Flex 3 project. I always thought one should have come with the SDK.

  3. @Sebastian: Source code link added.

    @Jamie: Thanks! I do remember using the Yahoo TimeStepper and thinking the same thing. Maybe with Apache governance of Flex it will be easier to make that happen.