Saturday, March 17, 2012

Flex FieldSet Component

I was asked, twice, in the span of one week, if Flex had a FieldSet component. I figured it would be nice to have one in my toolbox for when I am asked a third time. There appears to be a nice one at Teoti Graphix. I especially like being able to push anything into the legend, like icons and drop down lists.

My goal in creating this version was to have precise control over the legend's horizontal position. The default position would have a dependency on the FieldSet's cornerRadius and gap (the amount of space between the border and the legend text) styles. Further adjustments could be made by setting the paddingLeft and paddingRight styles.

Here's what I came up with:

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This FieldSet component also includes most of the border and background styles/properties you would find on the BorderContainer component.

Source code located at:


  1. This is a great component, only the Flex bend.

  2. I love Flex...I feel so lonely...

    Mark Fuqua

  3. is it possible to see the source for the example. I have tried to use it but didn't render properly.

    1. Absolutely. I just checked in my examples for all the components. See the "samples" directory in the root SVN repository.

    2. I am not getting the fieldset example properly. the screen is blank when i run the sample code from root svn repository.